Our Manifesto

We honor the visionary entrepreneurs,
the relentless game-changers,
and the bold innovators.


In a highly competitive playing field, you need the strongest team to win.

Do you need the most technical players to win? Maybe, but that’s not all.

You need people with team spirit, passion and experience. People who have lost matches before. Who learned from that and who never gave up.


Coaches who recognize your skills. But also don’t fear to address your weaknesses. Experienced leaders who will keep your feet grounded when your first success comes. There is really nothing romantic about developing a product company. Only the fittest will survive the SaaS Champions League.


We are a bunch of passionate coders who love to create beautiful things.

We built product companies ourselves.

We burned our own hands more than 10 times before we succeeded.

And we still love to play this game.


We are here to help passionate entrepreneurs.

Who really cares about their products.

And who can’t sleep before they solve the customer problem.

Because that’s literally the only thing that makes companies successful.


The harsh truth is that most businesses and entrepreneurs first need to fail or pivot before they succeed.

Let us help you to make this path smoother.

We know what it takes since we first failed ourselves.

And for sure, your dream will sometimes look like a nightmare.

No pain, no gain.

Let us connect you with dozens of successful entrepreneurs.

Learn from the best and become like them.

With the right experience and expertise on board: you will unlock the next level of success.

Don’t struggle alone.

Your success is our success.

Together we can skyrocket your business!

Leopold van Oosten