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Unlocking Productivity Benefits of AI in Code Development

Adopting AI is not a matter of “if” or “when”,
but a matter of “how”


Should we invest in AI?

In today's fast-paced technological environment, artificial intelligence (Al) has become a key driver of efficiency in software development. Al tools help meet these demands by automating routine coding tasks, enhancing testing processes, and allowing developers to focus on strategic business goals.

However, concerns about copyright issues and data confidentiality still deter many companies from adopting AI technologies. Let's address these concerns and illustrate the practical benefits of integrating Al tools into your development processes.

Artificial Intelligence can't be ignored.



As AI continues to evolve, companies that fail to integrate these technologies risk falling behind.

Competitors who harness AI's power are not only optimizing their operations but are also attracting top talent by enhancing job satisfaction and productivity.


What are the key benefits of coding with AI?


50% increase in productivity

Developers equipped with AI tools, such as AI code generators, report up to a 50% increase in productivity.

~66% less frustration

Between 60–75% of devs reported they feel more fulfilled with their job, feel less frustrated when coding, when AI-assisted.

73% said they stay in the flow

About 73% of developers using GitHub Copilot reported it helped them stay in the flow and 87% said it preserved mental effort.

Case Study - How can AI help developers code?

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In an experiment with 95 developers, those using Copilot completed a JavaScript task 55% faster on average compared to those without it. Copilot users finished the task in 1 hour and 11 minutes, while non-users took 2 hours and 41 minutes, demonstrating significant efficiency gains.
For detailed insights, visit the full blog post here.


Employees want AI at work — and they won’t wait for companies to catch up.

Microsoft's Work Trend Index highlights AI's growing role in the workplace.


AI usage among knowledge workers has nearly doubled in six months, with 75% using AI tools. Employees report AI helps save time (90%), focus on important tasks (85%), and enhance creativity (84%).


Despite AI's benefits, 60% of leaders feel their organizations lack a clear AI implementation plan. The study emphasizes the need for strategic AI adoption to transform business processes and highlights a shift towards valuing AI skills over traditional experience.

I understand the benefits of AI, but is my IP safe?

In short, yes!


Several AI providers address these concerns with private AI solutions that can be hosted on-premise or on your private cloud environment.

  • Use local AI models, on your machine (or self-hosted) that DO NOT use input as training data.
  • AI doesn't have access to database or secrets. Our devs are trained to never expose IP or business logic to training models.
  • The generated code is considered derivative work, and thus, new and original from a legal standpoint. The use of such tools does not infringe on copyright, provided the generated code does not copy proprietary code directly.
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An indepth whitepaper with De Roos Advocaten


Webinar - Legal aspects vs chatGPT

Want to expand your team with AI assisted devs?

Would you like additional information about how AI can boost your productivity, or you'd like to supercharge your development teams with AI powered IT experts? Let's get in touch.

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People no longer check if the calculations are correct, instead we just trust what our calculator outputs.

In the near future using AI will be just like using a calculator.

AI in software development significantly boosts productivity by automating routine tasks and enhancing testing processes. It enables developers to focus on strategic business goals and creative problem-solving, leading to more innovative solutions.
AI tools like code generators can enhance developer productivity by up to 50%. They automate mundane coding tasks, reduce context switching, and allow developers to concentrate on more complex and rewarding aspects of development.
Common concerns about AI in software development include data confidentiality, copyright issues, and the reliability of AI-generated outputs. These can be addressed by using private AI solutions, which ensure data remains within the company, and by validating AI outputs through human oversight.
Yes, developers often report feeling less frustrated and more satisfied with their work when using AI tools. These tools handle repetitive and mundane tasks, allowing developers to engage in more fulfilling and challenging activities.
AI tools generate high-quality code by leveraging extensive databases of publicly available code, ensuring reliability and efficiency. Developers can review and refine AI-generated code, which helps maintain high standards and improves overall code quality.
AI-generated code is considered derivative work and is legally safe as long as it doesn’t directly copy proprietary code. Utilizing private AI solutions can further ensure that company data and intellectual property are protected.
Businesses often hesitate to adopt AI due to concerns about the reliability of AI technology and data confidentiality issues. Addressing these concerns through proper implementation, private AI solutions, and thorough validation can help overcome these barriers.
Developers using AI tools can experience a 55% reduction in time spent on tasks and a 50% increase in overall productivity. AI automates routine tasks, allowing developers to focus on more strategic and creative work.
AI is expected to become as integral to software development as calculators are to mathematics. Continuous improvements in AI technology will make it indispensable for boosting productivity, driving innovation, and maintaining competitive advantage in the tech industry.
AI can be sustainable if implemented with energy-efficient practices. Advances in hardware and optimized algorithms reduce the environmental impact. Cloud-based AI services often use data centers powered by renewable energy, further enhancing sustainability.
AI technology can be eco-efficient by optimizing energy use and reducing waste in various industries. For instance, AI-driven processes can minimize resource consumption and improve energy management in manufacturing, contributing to overall environmental efficiency.

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