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  • 62% of out clients  exited successfully or achieved another round of funding.
  • ChannelEngine tripled their revenue in 18 months after partnering up with us.
  • Yesty dropped all their customer service due to the automations we developed.


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The harsh truth is that most businesses and entrepreneurs first need to fail or pivot before they succeed. We know what it takes since we first failed ourselves.

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Mr Work

Leveraging Adtech and Recruitment tech to reach and influence the right talent. Together with MrWork we've build a complete SaaS platform that helps people get hired.
I’ve worked with Amsterdam Standard for 8 years now and it has been a great journey so far. We were able to grow faster together. Without my team in Krakow and the great leadership of Alek, MrWork wouldn’t have the success it has today.
Zeno LampeIT manager at MrWork

Channel Engine

Connecting and managing e-commerce marketplaces has become a breeze with this tool. Automation and adaptability has proven to make a vastly popular product.


GoPhoto won the Innovation Award at The Park World Excellence Awards. We're proud to have partnered up with guys. What started out as a camera app is now a high traffic SaaS platform for tourist attractions.
When done right, having a remote team is a highly efficient, scalable and cost-effective way of software development. You can fully concentrate on developing the product. Amsterdam Standard really knows how to do this well.
Ruben MeilandCEO at Leading Courses
Golfing with Leading Courses

Leading Courses

Leading Courses helps golfers to find and play golf courses all over the world. A fast & performant search is what Leading courses needed, and that's what we delivered.
frontend composition

Our frontend composition

A vast majority of our clients are hooked up to React or Vue frontend frameworks, where performance is king.

Our backend composition

Our clients value the stability & security of .NET and Python as their backend technology.

Apps in the clouds

91% of our clients run their platforms in the cloud, either on AWS or Azure systems.
of our clients successfully closed their round of funding or exited
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Leopold Founder of Amsterdam Standard
Leopold van Oosten CEO & Founder
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