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Our mission is to empower forward-thinking tech companies to leverage cutting-edge solutions that not only drive their success but also serve as a lifeline for our planet. 


Having built many SaaS platforms in various industries, we bring the expertise you are lacking to grow, expand and skyrocket your clean tech project.

Why do we want to invest in the sustainability sector?

  • Because we care. About our employees & the planet.
  • Sustainability has become essential to do business, now and in the future. We would like to be a part of your clean and future-proof supply chain.
  • To inspire other companies and employees, this will also help us find engaged people that support our mission.

These innovators already partnered with us

MrWork Channel Engine FarmTree BIMCollab Tiqets Vandebron Mannemedia Platform161 Scoupy Leading Courses OnRecruit
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Case Studies

Bring your ideas, we'll create the software

You don't have to do all of this alone. We can help:


  • Create Fleet Management Systems for electric vehicles.
  • Build Administration Platforms that manage carbon emission reports or automate agro-forestry systems.
  • Engineer online tools to visualise and calculate solar panel placement and costs.
  • and other SaaS applications...
Solar Panel Roof Tool

Solar Panel Calculators

How we built a user-friendly tool that designs solar panel systems on any type of roof.

Refurbishment Saas platform

Giving consumer devices a second life. How we tackled refurbishment in e-commerce applications.
Apps for solar panels

Making solar investing easier

Explore how we helped build a platform where investing in solar photovoltaic installations became easy.
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Optimising & Automating

The key to a happier User Experience, saved resources and being future-proof.
84% of companies don't do sustainable business

If you just have 30 seconds, read this...

The macroeconomic climate has reduced the focus on sustainability for some, but it can’t be put on the shelf for a few years without consequences. A wait and see approach goes against what stakeholders and shareholders are expecting: a reduction in environmental footprint and greater societal impact.

Source SoftwareAG

Businesses need to adapt, or get left behind.

By 2026 we plan to onboard only sustainable clients, from the clean, climate or renewable tech industry. While doing so, inspire our existing clients and help them optimize their companies and increase efficiency.


The global market share for advertising is soon going to reach 1 trillion dollars! Only smart integrations achieve this.
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From calculating carbon footprints to tools for drawing solar panels on Maps. We are going green.
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Sustainable solutions that can bring acquisition and retention in the e-commerce sector.
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Booking & Ticketing

Easy to use products that users love. The booking industry is back, and ready to scale.

Join a 15min introductory call. Let's meet each other.

If you feel we could create a long-term partnership with your teams, let's meet! We can elaborate on our solutions, and see what tech you might need, to grow.

Leopold Founder of Amsterdam Standard
Leopold van Oosten CEO & Founder
Hi! I’m Leo.
In this introductory call:
  • I’ll listen to the problems you’re experiencing.
  • Strategise how to overcome them.
  • Show you some of our work.
  • Tell you about our pricing.
  • Answer any other questions you have!
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