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Amsterdam Standard Sustainable by 2025
25% of VC dollars went to Climate Tech in 2022
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84% of companies don't do sustainable business

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The macroeconomic climate has reduced the focus  on sustainability for some,  but it can’t be put on the shelf for a few years without consequences. A wait and see approach goes against what stakeholders and shareholders are expecting: a reduction in environmental footprint and greater societal impact.

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Your business needs to adapt, or it’ll get left behind.

By 2026 we’ll onboard only sustainable clients, and help transform our existing ones to our Green Software Practices, making them more optimized and efficient.
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The global market share for advertising is soon going to reach 1 trillion dollars! Only smart integrations achieve this.
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From calculating carbon footprints to tools for drawing solar panels on Maps. We are going green.
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Sustainable solutions that can bring acquisition and retention in the e-commerce sector.
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Booking & Ticketing

Easy to use products that users love. The booking industry is back, and ready to scale.
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Our Mission

We honor the visionary entrepreneurs...

... the relentless game-changers, and the bold innovators. The harsh truth is that most businesses first need to fail or pivot before they succeed. We know what it takes, since we first failed ourselves...

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