The Challenge

An old, slow website begged for a revamp. Overhead and dependencies halted innovation.

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The Problem

This booking app adventure wasn't without its obstacles. Different booking providers meant different rules, complicating the job. The team had to handle real-time updates, which was not an easy task. Some features, like prebooking, didn't come ready-made. Pricing was tricky, varying with factors like time of day and number of people.

On top of that, the app needed a secure, reliable, easy-to-use payment system.

The Journey

We sat down with Paweł, a key developer in one of our booking projects, eager to share his experiences and learnings.


Paweł sees each project as a mix of puzzles and opportunities. His goal is heading towards simplicity, but he understands it doesn't come right away. The key, according to Paweł, is listening to users and tweaking things along the way.

"Starting from scratch was a long haul, more like a marathon than a sprint. Each booking provider had its rules, creating a lot of backend work. But that's only half of the story. For users, the top priorities were smooth booking, transparent pricing, and a secure, user-friendly payment system - the lifeblood of any successful website."


Paweł shared, "We knew we were up against a big challenge, so we started with a brainstorming to find smart solutions. AWS Cloud technology was our secret helper, giving us the flexibility to grow as needed. And of course, we kept a close eye on the budget."


"AWS Cloud technology helped us scale the infrastructure as the project grew. We were able to add new features and functionality without having to worry about capacity constraints. We also benefited from the security and reliability of AWS Cloud, which gave us peace of mind knowing that our users' data was safe."


When the dust settled, we learned that every challenge is just a chance to come up with something new and that putting users first is always a winning strategy.


Now we aim to create solutions that really meet user needs. Working on booking projects wasn’t just about solving a problem; it was about growing, learning, and always trying to improve. As Paweł always says, “Each problem is just a step towards the next big idea.”

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The Conclusion

The booking and ticketing world is always changing. Keeping up with real-time events, leveraging security, and providing a seamless booking process is a juggling act.


Making things easy for users while managing all the moving parts behind the scenes is a never-ending job. And as businesses grow worldwide, they need to keep up with local payment methods and preferences, adding another ball to the juggling act.

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