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Security Gain vital insights for your SaaS Business
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HandWaving Give your clients the feeling of safety
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Gain vital app insights

Quick Tech Scan

Unlock a fresh perspective on your codebase with our complimentary Free Quick Technical Scan, where our domain expert preliminarily assesses your product, revealing its technical strengths and areas for improvement.

  • Get an unbiased, detailed technical assessment
  • Receive a comprehensive report within just one day
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Full Audit
Deep knowledge - from inside, out

Complete Tech Audit

This comprehensive service examines every aspect of your IT realm, from architecture to codebase and legacy systems. With our expert insights, you will understand, optimise, and leverage your technology for maximum business impact.
  • Gain an aerial view of your entire tech situation
  • Receive actionable insights to optimise and enhance your systems

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At Amsterdam Standard we've helped over 100 companies reach their full potential, and built long term partnerships that last years.

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Future Proof
Adapt to the best new tools

AI Readiness Check

This service combines a code & data audit with tailored workshops, suggesting potential AI applications for your SaaS. Whether it's integrating chatbots, data training, predictions, or data analysis, your goals will be reached efficiently with the power of AI.
  • Receive a comprehensive code & data audit tailored for AI integration
  • Explore tailored AI tools suited for your product
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Solid Infrastructure
Move to the cloud

Infrastructure Scan

Delving deep into cloud setups, DevOps practices, backups, and monitoring systems, you get expert insights. You understand the potential risks and can fortify by optimising your infrastructure.
  • Gain a thorough understanding of your current infrastructure setup
  • Receive recommendations, risk assessments, and guided next steps.
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Be secure
Shield your clients

Cybersecurity Scan

Conduct a rigorous penetration test, assess the security of your infrastructure, and evaluate your company's cybersecurity. Your business can't afford to ignore fortifying its defences, mitigate risks, and ensuring resilience against potential threats.
  • In-depth penetration tests and infrastructure security assessments
  • Evaluate and enhance your company's cybersecurity readiness and awareness

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