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A small yet versatile front end javascript framework that is both mature and focused on performance. This is our pick for web applications in e-commerce, marketplaces or anything SEO heavy. 

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Easy to use and easy to expand - Vue.js

We can help you grow your business with team extension services. Our Vue experts aren't just coders, but solution focused partners for your business.

Over 50% of our clients have worked with us for over 3 years, which is a statement of our long term investment into your projects. We know business can be tough sometimes, we've been through it ourselves.


With a sturdy partner with talented programmers at your fingertips we can both grow.

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We have been working with Amsterdam Standard since 2017 on several IT projects, sometimes under tight deadlines and with high expectations. We are very appreciative of their expertise and professionalism in software development, but also in project management and user experience design when we needed to quickly scale up there.
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Why we recommend Vue?

Vue is simple. There is no additional overhead (unless you add it yourself). The framework offers a low learning curve, a well documented guide and a large community willing to help. Vue has cemented itself within the top 3 javascript frameworks and the authors are still advancing and making it better.


Vue is one of the best options for SEO heavy web apps due to its SSR or SSG rendering system. You can generate all your HTMLs directly and upload them to a server for crawler safe and super SEO optimized pages.


We know this because we use the system ourselves for our internal products. If you'd like a presentation of Vue.js or Nuxt:


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Most asked questions about Vue.js

Vue.js is a simple and versitile framework with much less overhead than any of it's rivals. You can build large and complex projects, or simple landing pages with it. Vue's easy to use and setup policy definately helps and has a very low learning curve for newcomers. 

The biggest feature for Vue.js is the possibility to choose between SPA (Single Page Application), SSR (Server Side Rendered) or SSG (Server Side Generated) modes. This is accomplished through the official Nuxt.js framework provided by Vue.

If you need a solid SEO presence and never worry about crawlers or bots reading vital information off your site, having an SSG setup will be perfect.

In short, Vue is plug and play, improves development time and makes things simple, both for frontenders and backenders. Some of the most popular combinations with Vue are the MEVN stack (MongoDB, Express.js, Vue, Node) or if you are from a laravel background try inertia.js with Vue in the box.
At Amsterdam Standard we use Vue for a variety of projects, ranging from marketplaces and ecommerce to canvas and scheduling apps. Vue is flexible and efficient and can scale pretty easily. Integrating with external systems was also a breeze, there are ready made plugins from the authors themselves for tech like: Mixpanel, Google Analytics, Sentry, Bugsnag, Strapi, Firebase and many more.

Vue.js has a brilliant modules system in Nuxt. Where you can see all the officially supported libraries. Our top picks are TailwindCSS, Pinia, ESlint, i18n and ofcourse VueUse.

If you are a fan of Bootstrap or Material Design you'll easily find addons for those UI libraries. Storybook can easily be integrated. Using GraphQL? Vue has all the Apollo plugins that allow for easy setup and use of graphQL endpoints.

We are a bit biased towards Vue.js because it doesn't beat around the bush. Its simple tech, no need to overcomplicate things or create massive amounts of files just because of the convention. Vue.js still has the most stars on Github and its authors are very active and continue improving the framework.

Let's be honest, the top 3 js frameworks are all peeking and copying each other, which is great because we are working towards easier, better and quicker development.

Objectively speaking Vue.js is best suited for quick startups and getting things out of the door asap. If you have a very complex application React might be a better solution. If you are into security and enterprise level apps, then maybe Angular is a better fit. Here at Amsterdam Standard we don't just suggest a technology because we like it, we analyse your specific case and adapt the right technology for the job.
Vue has many built in security features like prevention of XSS attacks. You can further improve the security of Vue apps by using nuxt-auth or CSurf.

In terms of performance Vue is up there at the top, offering tree-shaking and dynamic imports out of the box. The framework itself is very light and compact. Vue uses the shadow DOM to render its elements meaning the heavy lifting is done on the client side, leaving the server free to handle requests and processing data. Lazy loading comes pre-packaged in Nuxt.
Since January 2022,  Vue 3 is now the default version. This version of Vue was a large leap towards newer tech. Unfortunately this means that apps written in Vue 2 will need a rewrite. Luckily Vue provides a compat version that allows you to have a Vue 2 app, and gradually transfer components to Vue 3 while your product still works and is live without downtime.

We've had many occasions at Amsterdam Standard to convert Vue 2 to Vue 3 and even had conversions to Nuxt done in a reasonable amount of time often avoiding the feared Big Bang Launch.
Vue 3 brings composition API which changes the way we look at javascript. This allows for more abstract features and easier extraction and optimizing of shared components. Vue 3 is also geared towards Typescript and both Vue and Nuxt are built on typescript and handle typing very well.

At Amsterdam Standard we strive to always be up to date, and inform our clients about upcoming updates or changes in the tech stacks we use. This is vital to stay ahead of the competition and always have an industry standard application that will continue to run for years. Most companies undervalue updating their technology stack, and let their technical debt grow, which only causes slower sites and a large rewrite when the aged app no longer works.