Everybody is all about AI

And so are we. At Amsterdam Standard we are thrilled to see this new technology come to life and improve every month. There is a whole new industry unfolding and we need to be ahead to know how to utilize it.

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Artificial Intelligence - the new wave of development

Machine learning isn't new, many of our developers already have been working on it for years. That is why we can extend your teams with developers that are trying out AI.

We can't say we are experts in AI just yet, the tech is just too fresh. But we are gathering our brightest minds to do research and development in AI. Apart from that we try to enlighten our community with webinars and workshops that show how AI works.

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Should you consider AI?

Ai is here and is most likely to stay. Many have fears and doubts about this technology, it is still in its infancy, but we believe that AI assisted workflows will become the norm. 


We already see a large amount of AI startups, but even long-term players like Notion, Spotify or Zendesk are investing in AI tools and offering them to their clients.


If you have a project that could use a boost from AI:

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Most asked questions about AI

Artificial Intelligence is a field of computer science focused on building machines capable of imitating human behaviour. These machines are designed to think and make decisions like a human. They're not pre-programmed for specific tasks but built with algorithms that allow them to operate independently.

Right now their intelligence is only based on a large amount of math and guessing, based on algorithms and probability. 

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning all relate but are distinct:


Artificial Intelligence (AI): Initiated in 1956 by John McCarthy, AI is a technology aimed at creating intelligent machines capable of mimicking human behaviour. It primarily deals with structured and semi-structured data and requires a massive amount of data to function.

Machine Learning (ML): ML, introduced in 1959 by Arthur Samuel, is a subset of AI. It learns from past data and experiences, working with structured and semi-structured data but requires less data than AI and Deep Learning.


Deep Learning (DL): The term was first used in 2000 by Igor Aizenberg. As a subset of ML and AI, DL imitates the workings of the human brain using algorithms. It deals with structured and unstructured data and, like AI, requires large amounts of data to operate.

Key subsets of AI include Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Neural Networks, Expert Systems, Fuzzy Logic, Natural Language Processing, Robotics, and Speech Recognition.

Common misconceptions about AI include:


AI does not need humans: Contrarily, each AI-based system depends on human-gathered data to learn.


AI is a danger to humans: In fact, AI is not inherently dangerous. Misuse of any powerful technology can be harmful.


AI has reached its peak stage: We are still far from the peak of AI.


AI will replace all jobs: AI may change some jobs' nature but also creates new opportunities.


AI is a new technology: The concept of AI was introduced as early as 1840.

A Chatbot is an AI software or agent that simulates conversations with users through Natural Language Processing. This interaction can occur via an application, website, or messaging app. Also known as digital assistants, chatbots are extensively used in businesses to provide round-the-clock virtual customer support. Obviously for basic use. A bot could never replace a human with extensive knowledge of the platform. 
Yes, at Amsterdam Standard, we do utilize Artificial Intelligence in certain projects, specifically using OpenAI from Azure. However, we always ensure to inform our clients beforehand and include a clause about AI usage in our agreement. Rest assured, we never use AI without your knowledge. For legal reasons of personal data and confidentiality, we do not use tools such as ChatGPT, Copilot and others.