Celebrating Programmer's Day

Join us on the 256th day of the year! Celebrating the genius and camaraderie of our dedicated developers and testers since 2012.
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A special day on the 256th day

Every year, the tech community eagerly awaits the 256th day, which holds a special significance in the world of computing. This day, known as Programmer's Day, is a tribute to the binary system, the language of computers. The number 256 is not just a random choice; it represents the highest value that can be represented by an 8-bit byte, a fundamental unit in computing. This numerical value, written as 100000000 in binary, equals 2 to the power of 8, symbolizing the binary code that forms the backbone of all computing systems.

This day is not just a celebration of numbers but a celebration of the brilliant minds that utilize this language to create, innovate, and drive the digital revolution forward. It's a day to appreciate the genius behind the screens and the individuals who tirelessly work to shape our digital future. It's a day of codes, camaraderie, and, of course, cakes as we come together to honour the spirit of innovation and teamwork that defines the tech industry.

A journey since 2012

Since opening our doors in 2012, we have embarked on a journey of growth, innovation, and community. Over the years, we have fostered a nurturing environment where talent thrives and innovation is the norm. Our journey is peppered with milestones of success, a testament to the dedication and expertise that has been the hallmark of our team. It's not just about building software; it's about building a legacy of excellence, where each project carries the imprint of our commitment and passion.


We take pride in the fact that we have nurtured relationships that span over a decade, with many developers choosing to grow and evolve with us. It's a journey of mutual growth, where we learn from each other, pushing boundaries and setting new standards in the tech industry.


A blend of experience and passion

In the heart of our operations lies our team, a vibrant blend of experience and passion. Our developers, with an average age of 33, bring to the table a rich tapestry of skills and knowledge. Each member boasts an impressive average of 9 years of commercial experience, showcasing a depth of expertise that is truly commendable.


But it's not just about numbers. Our team embodies a spirit of camaraderie and innovation, where each individual is valued for their unique contributions. On average, a team member spends 3.8 years with us, a time marked by collaboration, learning, and creating groundbreaking solutions. Together, we foster a culture where passion meets expertise, where ideas flourish, and where we continually strive to redefine what is possible in the digital realm.


Double the joy with Tester's Day

This year, we are doubling the joy by celebrating Tester's Day alongside Programmer's Day. Tester's Day is a nod to the meticulous individuals who work behind the scenes, ensuring the software we create is robust and bug-free. Did you know that the first recognized software tester was actually a woman? Grace Hopper, a computing pioneer, is credited with finding the first computer bug in 1947, quite literally a moth stuck in the hardware!


Testers are the unsung heroes of the tech world, often diving deep into the code to find and fix issues before they reach the users. Their role is vital in maintaining the quality and reliability of the software, making sure that the end product is as perfect as it can be.


Celebrations at our offices

At our office, the day is more than just a celebration; it's a heartfelt thank you to the vibrant community we have built over the years. The atmosphere is buzzing with excitement, filled with laughter and, of course, the sweet scent of cakes. It's a time for the team to come together, share a slice of cake, and enjoy some well-deserved downtime, fostering a sense of community and teamwork.


As we gather, we take a moment to acknowledge the delightful quirks and vital contributions of both our developers and testers. Our developers, the masterminds behind the innovative solutions we deliver, and our testers, the vigilant guardians of code quality, come together to form a powerhouse of talent and dedication. Their combined efforts ensure a smooth and error-free digital journey, showcasing a perfect blend of creativity and precision.


Today, we celebrate their united front. It's a day to honour their relentless pursuit of excellence and the vibrant community they have built, characterized by mutual respect and a shared passion for innovation.


Join us as we raise a toast to the remarkable individuals who are the heartbeat of our company, celebrating their achievements and the wonderful synergy they create.

Happy Programmer's Day and Tester's Day!

Written by: Natalia, on September 13, 2023
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