Green Tech as a SaaS evolution

How tech can save the Planet?
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Did you know the digital universe is doubling in size every two years?

Imagine all that data and massive server farms storing them. Year after year, there's more—more unused data, more electronic waste, and more high-emission energy needed to keep it all running. This wave isn't just testing our systems; it's a wake-up call to rethink how we want to live in the future.


68% of store data is never read

The Sustainability Live 2024 London conference has opened our eyes to what’s possible. It's shown us we don't have to choose between going green and staying digital – we can have both! With technology and AI leading the way, we're looking at a future that's not just sustainable, but beneficial for everyone. And guess what? The SaaS sector is right at the heart of it, so should be gearing up to drive this awesome blend of tech smarts with eco-consciousness.

It's more important than ever to find ways to use technology while also taking care of our planet. We're standing at a crossroads where the chance for real change is right in front of us—a chance to ensure every app and service not only thrives but does so on the bare minimum of resources.

Green Tech isn't just a choice anymore; it's the future we need to jump into with both feet. Let's not wait any longer.

How does sustainability fit into the SaaS industry?

Sustainability in the SaaS industry is like nurturing a digital garden with care for our planet. Imagine each app or service as a plant. The goal is to grow these digital plants using minimal resources, akin to watering them efficiently without waste. Sustainable SaaS means creating software that runs on less energy, making computers work smarter, not harder—like a sprinkler system that uses just the right amount of water.


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This eco-friendly approach isn't just about energy. It's about designing SaaS products that last, evolve, and reduce digital waste, much like planting a resilient tree that thrives over time. Companies focusing on sustainability can stand out, save on costs, and appeal to environmentally conscious customers, making sustainability a strategic advantage. It turns the digital landscape into a thriving ecosystem, beneficial for the business, its users, and the planet.


Inspired by the vision, our CEO, Leopold van Oosten, shares his realization: "Since last year, my eyes have been opened. We will go all-in with Amsterdam Standard". But what drives a software house to pivot towards sustainability with such conviction? 

Technology can save the Planet

Technology's got power to be a game-changer for our planet. Think about it: from solar panels that soak up the sun to make clean energy, to apps that help us recycle better, tech is stepping up big time. It's like having a toolbox full of gadgets and gizmos that can fix up the Earth.

First off, renewable energy is a big win. Instead of burning stuff that pollutes the air, we're using wind, sun, and even water to power up our lives. Then there's smart farming, where tech helps farmers grow more food without messing up the land. Drones check out crops from the sky, and smart irrigation systems give plants just the right amount of water.

But it's not just about the big stuff. Even in our daily lives, there are apps to track how much energy we use, which can help us cut down and save some green (both money and trees!). Plus, with more electric cars on the roads, we're cutting down on the smog and making the air cleaner for everyone.
And let's not forget about recycling. There are machines that can sort trash faster and more accurately than humans, making sure less stuff ends up in landfills. Some tech even turns waste into new products without needing new resources.

It's all about using our smarts to come up with innovations that protect the Earth and make it a better place for us and future generations. 


To show you precisely what we mean by combining tech with green, here are some cool examples from our own backyard, brought to you by our clients:


FarmTree created software to optimize agricultural planning, significantly reducing resource waste and enhancing sustainability in farming practices.


Similarly, Greenhouse Sustainability offers solutions that enable companies to seamlessly integrate and manage their sustainability efforts, fostering a culture where environmental responsibility is not just a goal but a measurable reality.


StoffenManager, on the other hand, utilizes technology to improve workplace safety and environmental compliance through innovative risk assessment tools.


Lastly, Pre-Sustainability collaborates with us to develop software that simplifies complex sustainability metrics, equipping businesses with the insight to make choices that are both informed and environmentally beneficial.

Sustainability Live - Net Zero Conference

At the start of March in London, the stage was set for the Sustainability Live - Net Zero conference, bringing together visionary minds and leaders from across the globe. Our CEO attended with a clear purpose: to discover ways for Amsterdam Standard to emerge as a leading force in sustainability within the SaaS and software industry. This event confirmed our belief: our sustainable path is not only essential but crucial for the future. 
The insights we got really highlighted how big of a part businesses have in moving us all towards a greener future. It's all about making companies stronger and more competitive, building better supply chains, and being part of a lively community. It's super important for sticking around in the long run and doing good for the planet.

Starting this green journey has been a mix of ups and downs. Our CEO shared, "Just like a lot of people, this was all new to me 10 months ago." But making this choice led to a big lightbulb moment about how much impact our work has. Our software and code can really shape the future of our planet—for better or for worse.


Seeing what businesses that are all about being green have achieved really opened our eyes. It shows us that if we match up our tech goals with what's good for the earth, we can make a future that's brighter and more sustainable. Sure, it's not always easy, but sticking to this path shows just how important it is to make sustainability part of what we're all about. Sustainability is the smart way to do business.


Leopold van OOsten at Sustainability LIVE

What are the challenges and opportunities for SaaS companies?

The conference brought to light key areas where SaaS companies can truly shine:

🟩 Achieving growth efficiently, with a keen eye on reducing our environmental footprint.
🟩 Crafting strong, dependable partnerships that propel us toward our sustainable objectives.
🟩 Making strategic decisions that not only safeguard our projects but also our planet.

The revelation that sustainability initiatives within businesses are often underfunded struck a significant chord with our CEO. This discovery, alongside the pivotal role of storytelling in rallying communities around sustainability, has inspired the industry to delve deeper into eco-friendly practices and technologies.

As we move forward, challenges loom. However, our path is illuminated with a clear mission: to revolutionize the digital realm into a flourishing, eco-conscious ecosystem. This involves everything from optimizing our data centres to reduce energy consumption to investing in carbon management technologies. 

For our clients, this means partnering with a company that doesn't just provide technical excellence but does so in a way that aligns with their values and sustainability goals.

What next?

We invite you to join us on this journey. Whether you're a potential client, looking to build a sustainable and innovative product, or a candidate eager to contribute to meaningful projects, your path aligns with ours. "The best moment to start change was 20 years ago, the next best is today," our CEO reminds us. Follow our progress, learn from our experiences, and consider the impact we can make together in the SaaS industry and beyond.

AS sustainability plan

Our commitment to becoming carbon neutral by 2025 is a reflection of our vision for the future of technology: one where innovation drives not only growth and success but also positive change in the world. Join us, and let’s refine together what it means to be a leader in the SaaS industry.
Written by: Natalia, on March 21, 2024
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