Leopold returns as a CEO

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Past achievements and future challenges

Amsterdam Standard is entering an exciting phase as Leopold van Oosten, a familiar and visionary leader, has resumed his role as CEO. This transition marks not just a leadership shift but a reaffirmation of our commitment to innovation and progress.

Over the past three years, under Tomasz's Rżany exceptional leadership, we've seen remarkable growth and a solidifying of our core foundations. His contributions have been pivotal, and we're grateful that Tomasz will continue to support us in his new role.
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Leopold’s vision: navigating the new tech landscape

In today's world, characterised by rapid technological change and global challenges, Leopold's leadership comes at a crucial time. His extensive experience and deep understanding of the tech industry, particularly in the Dutch market, position him uniquely to guide us towards a thriving future.

Leopold adopts a forward-thinking strategy, actively confronting current challenges and opportunities. He aspires not only to adjust to evolving circumstances but to be an influential force in shaping them. A guiding principle he frequently voices, "We are responsible for the impact we make", reflects the ethos that informs our strategic choices and innovative efforts.

Our focus and commitment

In the upcoming communication, we will delve deeper into our updated vision, mission, and strategy. This will provide insights into how we plan to navigate the future, leveraging our strengths and embracing new opportunities for growth and innovation.

At Amsterdam Standard, welcoming back our CEO signifies more than just a shift in leadership. It represents a renewed journey towards excellence and a dedication to creating a significant impact in the tech world. We are enthusiastic about continuing this voyage with our leader guiding us, and we look forward to sharing our progress and innovations with you.

Stay tuned for what's next as we move forward with renewed energy and focus.

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Written by: Natalia, on December 4, 2023