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The Challenge

Our mission was to revolutionise how the client handled its inventory, sales, and refurbishment operations by developing an integrated ERP system and WebShop. The aim was to create a seamless, user-friendly platform to support the client's commitment to providing high-quality, refurbished Apple products.


The Problem

When we first took on this project, we had to delve deep into the client's existing processes and systems. The initial hurdle was the migration of the client's operations to modern technologies that would be compatible with the latest browsers. This required extensive research to identify the most suitable code libraries and technologies to meet the project's needs. The challenge was compounded by the unique nature of refurbished Apple products and the specific requirements of handling such high-quality items. The team had to ensure the developed system would be robust enough to handle complex operations while maintaining a user-friendly interface.
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Meet our Expert

Dawid brings over 13 years of experience, having worked on various projects in the pharmacy platform, e-commerce sector, and online advertising. His primary focus is on React, backed by a solid foundation in NodeJS and PHP. When not coding, Dawid enjoys travelling, hiking, and experimenting with home automation projects. His passion for writing clean, understandable, and maintainable code is evident in the work he has contributed to our eco-tech project.

The Journey

 Upon joining forces with the client's team, our team, consisting of Rafal, Leszek, Pavlo, Wojciech, and myself, Dawid, set out to build the ERP system from the ground up. Our primary goal was to develop core mechanisms to support the various processes of refurbishing and selling Apple products.

The ERP system was designed to handle various crucial operations such as purchasing, refurbishment, placing orders, shipping, invoicing, accountancy, reports and analytics, printing stickers, and scanning barcodes. The system also needed to communicate seamlessly with the WebShop. To achieve this, we implemented REST API for effective communication between the ERP system and the WebShop.

Sander and Krzysztof initially handled the development of the WebShop. However, as the project progressed, the decision was made to replace the WebShop with Shopify. This required me to develop an integration between Shopify and our ERP system to ensure a smooth synchronisation of products, inventory, orders, and customers. We also set up a private Akeneo (DAM Software) instance and integrated it with Shopify.

Further, we worked on integrations with business partners like Simpel (mobile operator), Twinfield (accounting software), and PostNL (shipping automation using PostNL). All these integrations were crucial in creating a comprehensive system catering to the client's unique needs.

Throughout this project, we faced numerous challenges, but our passion and dedication to creating a sustainable solution kept us going. We had to be mindful of the system's performance with every added feature and calculation. Inspired by the gaming industry, we implemented strategies to ensure that the calculations never overlapped, allowing the app to process and store all data in real time.


Developing a solution for the sustainable industry is an intricate balancing act. It requires a deep understanding of various real-world factors and a commitment to creating a system that is efficient and user-friendly and adheres to diverse regulations and standards. Our journey in this project was a testament to our ability to adapt, innovate, and deliver a transformative solution that significantly improved the client's operations and contributed to the eco-tech movement. The refurbished Apple products our client offers are a step towards a more sustainable future, proving that high-quality tech can aim to be eco-friendly, too.

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Written by: Natalia, on October 30, 2023