The power of AI in Software Development

On March 2023, we conducted an online webinar about exploring the intersection of AI and software development, covering ethical considerations, legal implications, and practical applications.
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On March 21st, 2023, we hosted a virtual discussion on the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in software development. This event was a collaboration between us, De Roos Advocaten, and Global Orange companies.


During this event, our experienced speakers talked about several important topics. These included the best ways to use code created by AI and how to use AI to help teams work together. They talked about the importance of using AI in a fair and ethical way and reminded software creators about possible problems they could face when trying to improve their work.


Our speakers also discussed the legal issues of using code created by AI. The legal experts from De Roos Advocaten explained that while AI-created code can be very helpful, software developers must be careful about copyright. They must always give credit to the original source of any code they use.


The talk also covered who owns the rights to code created by AI. This is still a changing area of law, and our speakers advised software developers to stay informed about the latest legal changes to make sure they're following the law.


The final part of the talk showed practical ways to improve software creation with AI. Experts from Amsterdam Standard and Global Orange shared their thoughts on how to use AI tools to make processes smoother, improve efficiency, and encourage teamwork. This results in better software solutions and happier clients.


A huge thanks to De Roos Advocaten and Global Orange for their help in shedding light on AI's role in software creation. Stay tuned for more fascinating discussions, and don't miss the attached webinar to get a detailed look at everything we've just explored in this article!

Written by: Natalia, on March 24, 2023