How we helped ChannelEngine go from vision to e-commerce dominance in 3 years

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In the dynamic realm of e-commerce, the journey from a vision to market dominance is a tale of innovation, strategic partnerships, and technological prowess. This is the story of ChannelEngine's rise in the e-commerce world, supported by the technical and strategic help of Amsterdam Standard.

The beginning

In December 2019, an important meeting took place in Krakow. Christiaan de Ridder, ChannelEngine's Head of Technology, visited Amsterdam Standard. The aim was precise: to align not just in technical expertise but also in team dynamics. The result? Two Amsterdam Standard specialists integrated into ChannelEngine's team in January 2020, setting the stage for sustained growth.

Diverse and agile development

ChannelEngine's development department is a blend of in-house and remote talents distributed across 7 domain teams. This structure, rooted in agility, promotes an environment of enhanced efficiency and continuous improvement. It is set for further growth, with plans to introduce an additional team.
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Quality and innovation

Quality remains a cornerstone for ChannelEngine. The partnership involves selecting top-tier specialists to refine products for an enhanced user experience. Through innovative sprint modeling – encompassing three-week sprint cycles and weekly feature releases – ChannelEngine drives innovation. The teams are empowered to optimize technology, suggest new functionalities, and make intelligent development choices, all within the sprint cycle.

Embracing technologies

The development team thrives on advanced technologies like .Net 7, SQL with Entity Framework, Dapper, ElasticSearch, and RabbitMQ. A significant evolution is underway on the front end, transitioning from AngularJS to React and adopting TypeScript over JavaScript. Rigorous unit testing by software engineers and dedicated QAs ensures the delivery of flawless features.
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Powering features for global reach

The features of ChannelEngine, such as synchronized inventory, dynamic pricing, filtering options, and translation capabilities, have played a crucial role in boosting sales across borders. Now active in regions like SE Asia and the US, the team continuously fine-tunes aspects like time zones, VAT, and customer support to ensure seamless global operations.


From a vision in 2013 to a position of e-commerce dominance, ChannelEngine's journey, supported by us, is a testament to strategic collaboration and technological innovation. As the partnership evolves, the future holds promising prospects for further growth and market expansion.
Written by: Natalia, on December 6, 2023
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