Preventing burnout in tech teams

Top strategies for enhancing employee wellness.
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Burnout has quietly become a critical issue in the tech industry, affecting many of our colleagues deeply, especially after the last few turbulent years. In this post, we’ll share some proactive steps that companies like ours are taking to address this challenge and improve workplace well-being.

Strategies to prevent burnout

1. Promoting work-life balance:

Our company insists on not working after hours to help ensure that our team can disconnect from work and enjoy personal time, which is crucial for mental health.

2. Investing in health and wellness:

We provide a yearly personal budget for activities like mindfulness sessions, yoga, and gym memberships. These are great ways for our team to relieve stress and stay physically active.

3. Tracking mood and stress levels:

We use a mood tracker to regularly check in on our team's stress levels. This helps us understand their state of mind and make adjustments to support them better.


4. Encouraging open conversations:

We promote open yet confidential discussions about any struggles our team members might be facing. This practice helps everyone feel seen and heard.

5. Using PTO and vacations:

We encourage taking paid time off and vacations. Rest and renewal are important so everyone can return to work refreshed and energized.

6. Fostering social connections:

Social events like shared meals, parties, and even game nights and sports tournaments help build strong bonds among team members, which can greatly enhance job satisfaction.

7. Creating a pleasant workspace:

Our offices are not just for work; they’re places to relax and have fun too. With comfortable chill-out zones and regular social events, we make sure our workspace is something everyone can enjoy.


Fostering a workplace where people feel connected and engaged leads to higher job satisfaction and happiness. When team members are happy, they are more productive and less likely to experience burnout.



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While we've implemented several strategies to combat burnout, the journey isn’t over. It's crucial to keep listening to our team and evolving our approaches to support them better. Investing in the well-being of our people is not just good for them—it’s essential for sustaining a healthy business environment.

Remember, a happy team is the cornerstone of a thriving company!
Written by: Leopold van Oosten, on April 20, 2024
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