What it takes to scale to 150+ employees

Scaling a Saas is not that easy. But here are our top 8 fundamentals that help make scaling less stressful and more productive.
What it takes to scale to 150+ employees


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1. When Scaling a Saas - Embrace change


Growth means change, if you don't change, you don't grow.


Often when changing course or pivoting, you are faced with resistance. This is normal, people tend to maintain the status quo, and are reluctant to change or head towards the unknown. Work with people that are willing to adopt the change. This doesn't have to be all at once, on day one. 


Sometimes you will need to cut ties for those who just won't budge. But if some folks aren't feeling the whole progress vibe, it might be time to part ways, no hard feelings. It's just about keeping the energy positive and moving forward.






2. Be patient while your Saas grows


The bigger you are the longer it takes to implement change.




The day on which you plant the seed is not the day you reap the fruit. Some changes need time to transition, this is part of scaling up. Don't get demotivated by memories of the startup days when everything could be done in a day. As a scale-up you need to do more planning, strategising and waiting to see how your plan unfolds.


Don't constantly change your plans. At a large scale some benefits come with time. If you keep changing the rules of the game, your players won't know what to do and you'll be expecting a hole in one, when you shoot be shooting goals.




The Sustainable Scaling System




3. Saas grows in healthy processes


Document your workflow, know what to do at each moment of the roadmap.


Create standard operating procedures (SOPs) that will help you establish clear task guidelines.


They're like your guidebook, setting out all the rules and steps for each task. Sometimes you might need to explain something in different ways to better convey your message or plan. Don't assume your employees have the same idea in their head as you do. Repeat your words in different ways to get your point across.






4. Focus on your ideas, delegate to your team


Acknowledging that you cannot manage every aspect of your responsibilities is a crucial step towards personal and professional growth. Once this realization sets in, you'll find yourself progressing at a faster pace.


Remember  - You cannot handle everything.


Identify individuals who excel in areas where you may not and entrust them with tasks that align with their expertise. Delegating responsibilities is not a sign of weakness; rather, it demonstrates effective leadership and strategic resource allocation. If you don't trust your employees then why did you bother hiring them?






5. Embrace team talent


A team is like a hand at Poker, you won't always get the perfect set of skills and talent. You have to switch some cards to make a great set. 


Find out where your team's (and also your own) strengths and weaknesses lie. This evaluation serves as a foundation for understanding how each individual can contribute to the team's objectives. Where you can adapt or swap out people do so. Where you can't provide training or workshops to increase your teams proficiency.


See how our Sustainable Scaling System can supplement your teams with experts and help your project grow.  


embrace_talent (1)




6. Saas needs transparent updates


Communication is key!


People don't read minds (yet), so you need to articulate what the goals are. Provide regular team updates so everyone is on track and clear on where your business is heading.


Don't kill opinions, let your teams talk (often) and create a culture of free idea sharing.






7. Create a structure for Saas to thrive


to succeed you need a plan, and a plan needs objectives, and objectives need criteria to be met, to consider them as done. 


Create structure, implement OKRs, 4DX and unify your workflows.






8. Feedback matters - listen to your surroundings


You can't drive a car blindfolded and isolated from the sounds of the road.


Listen to your clients, understand what they want to achieve, what problems you can solve for them. 

Listen to your teammates, understand their hardships and improve the quality of their work.


To make this easier, and so you don't forget, schedule weekly, or bi-weekly calls, or 1:1 meetings with your team to listen and learn. 






BONUS! Celebrate your wins!


Celebrating small successes is not only essential for the growth of your Saas business but also for the overall mental health and morale of your team. It's easy to get caught up in the day-to-day challenges and overlook the achievements, no matter how small they may seem.


Don't forget to reflect, look back at the road you've covered and give your team a sense of belonging. 




Written by: Leopold van Oosten, on April 1, 2024