Our offices - the hybrid working model

Let's take a closer look at the hybrid work model at Amsterdam Standard and discover the wonderful offices we have in Poland and Amsterdam. These spaces are designed to encourage collaboration, spark creativity, and provide ultimate comfort.

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Embracing hybrid work

At Amsterdam Standard, we strongly believe in the potential of hybrid work. Our developers and team members have the flexibility to work remotely, but we also offer access to one of our four offices in Poland or our base in Amsterdam. Not only do these spaces offer a professional setting for meetings, but they also serve as welcoming social hubs where our team members can relax with a cup of coffee and engage in stimulating conversations.


Our offices are packed with fantastic amenities that are specifically designed to create a comfortable and relaxing environment during breaks. Dartboards, table soccer, pool tables, and PlayStations are all part of our effort to balance work and fun. To take care of our employees' physical well-being, we also offer co-financed visits from a physiotherapist once a week, providing a massage for those who are tired after a day of sitting at a desk.


All our offices are built with the latest security and comfort requirements in mind. Each employee has a unique card to enter the building and our floors. Guests can gain access through the reception at the main entrance and then on the Amsterdam Standard floor. The entire workspaces are air-conditioned and feature various services to make work easier, including superfast Wi-Fi, fresh coffee, cold beverages, standing desks, presentation screens, boards, etc.

Office in Kraków

Let's take a virtual tour starting with our Kraków office. Our new office is located at the crossroads of Monte Cassino and Marii Konopnickiej Street, a bustling hotspot in Krakow. Overlooking the Vistula River, with a stunning view of the Wawel Castle and the Kazimierz district, this space also offers a panoramic view of the city's main attractions.

Located on the main road to the universities, the office is perfectly positioned to attract the best talents in Poland. Plus, its proximity to the massive modern conference & event centre "ICE", where all major IT congresses and conferences happen, gives it an extra edge.


Our office spaces are located on the 2nd and 3rd floors, with a creative and comfortable workspace for innovation, meetings, experience exchange, and growth spread over 1,100 square meters. The Kraków office also doubles as our headquarters, where our teams and specialists from all of our offices come together to work, learn, and celebrate. 

We take great pride in our office's interior design, which is carefully crafted to provide a cosy and inspiring workspace. Our modern and minimalist design, along with ergonomic furnishings and state-of-the-art furniture pieces from Vank, creates an environment that fosters creativity and motivation. The addition of greenery adds a refreshing touch, while our team rooms offer privacy.


With several hotels nearby and just about a 20-minute commute from the airport, it is conveniently situated for visiting clients and guests.

Office in Rzeszów

Next, let's visit our office in Rzeszów, located at Warszawska Street 18. The building, known as SkyRes Warszawska, is located in the heart of Rzeszów. It is near bicycle routes, public transport stops, a taxi stand, and the main railway and bus station (900 m). Rzeszów-Jasionka International Airport is only 11 km away, and the A4 speedway is 6 km away. The surrounding area boasts the Galeria Rzeszów and the four-star Hotel Rzeszów with its Conference Center.
SkyRes 2

Situated on the 12th floor of a high-rise, our office presents a cityscape view. Its design aligns with the minimalistic and industrial style of our Kraków location. It mainly features open spaces, conference rooms, a workshop area and a kitchen. The office also has a few parking spots available for our employees and visitors.


You can also visit our Rzeszów's office via Google Street View, taking a virtual walk through our spherical images - HERE.

Office in Wrocław

Our third stop is our office in Wrocław, situated right on the main market square at Rynek 60. It's effortlessly reachable by public transportation, making it a convenient location for our employees and visitors. This office has a more homely and cosy vibe, set up in an old, medieval townhouse. 


The building itself dates back to the 13th century, built as one of the last houses in Wrocław's Market Square. Fortunately, despite the destruction caused by the war in 1945, the building was quickly renovated, ensuring its preservation for future generations to enjoy.


Our office is spread across two floors and has various team and meeting rooms. A kitchen doubles as a workshop area, which we often put to use. Feel free to visit virtually our Wrocław's office via Google Street View HERE

Office in Poznań

Our newest addition is the office in Poznań, located at 28 Czerwca 1956 Street. With its convenient location near multiple tram and bus lines, it guarantees effortless accessibility for everyone. It was previously owned by High Solution compay, which officially merged with us in January 2023.


This office is our smallest so far, consisting of a shared workspace and project rooms.


Our Dutch office

Finally, we bring you to our Amsterdam office, a unique blend of the old and new. Located in The Posthoornkerk, a beautiful church designed by architect Pierre Cuypers dating back to 1906. Blending the timeless charm of classic design with the practicality of contemporary interiors, this office embodies the authentic Amsterdam Standard vibe.


It is an ideal location for work, team meetings, workshops, and even larger events such as our Winter Party for clients, which you can check out on our YouTube channel HERE.


Visiting us by car? The IJdok garage, just a 10-minute walk from our office, is your best bet for parking. If you're arriving from the central station, it's also a quick 10-minute walk.

A standing invitation

In a world where the lines between home and work are increasingly blurred, we at Amsterdam Standard remain committed to providing our teams with a workspace that is as comfortable as it is inspiring.


Our offices are more than just buildings. They are hubs of creativity designed to foster collaboration and facilitate the best work possible. So whether you're a developer working on the next breakthrough project or a client coming in for a meeting, you'll find our doors open and our spaces welcoming.

Written by: Natalia, on January 30, 2023
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