What top developers want from tech companies

Attracting and keeping the best developers isn't just about offering a high salary.
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 After 20+ years of building tech companies, I've learned what truly matters to them. You might be surprised to find that money isn't at the top of their list. Let's explore what developers are really looking for in a tech company.

Project excellence and quality

Developers thrive on working with top-notch software and the latest technologies. They want to be part of projects that are not only challenging but also innovative. Dealing with outdated, poorly designed systems can be incredibly frustrating. High-quality projects keep them engaged and excited about their work.

Cutting-edge tech and innovation

Tech enthusiasts crave the chance to work with state-of-the-art technologies. If a company can't offer these opportunities, developers might start looking elsewhere. Companies that promise fresh, innovative projects and minimize time spent on legacy systems are far more attractive. Keeping your tech stack modern is a key to retaining top talent.

Supportive company culture

Now, more than ever, positive company culture should be fostered in the post-COVID world. With remote work becoming the norm, building a feeling of unity and support within the team is important. Developers desire that feeling of connectedness and appreciation in their work environment. A healthy culture in which they can collaborate and grow makes all the difference.

Career growth

Ambitious developers are always looking ahead. They want to work for companies that offer clear paths for career advancement. Whether becoming a team lead, a future CTO, or even a stakeholder, the potential for personal and professional growth is a major motivator. Companies that invest in their employees' futures are more likely to retain their best talent.

Attracting and retaining top developers goes beyond offering a high salary. By focusing on project quality, cutting-edge technology, supportive culture, and clear career growth paths, you can create an environment where developers want to stay and excel. These insights, gained from over two decades of experience, can help your tech company stand out and succeed.

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Written by: Leopold van Oosten, on June 10, 2024
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